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(Flash) IEEE 2050-2018 Standard based on microT-Kernel is now official.

(Flash) IEEE 2050-2018 Standard based on microT-Kernel is now official.

As has been reported, IEEE Standards Association has initiated the standardization activity of microT-Kernel 2.0 as IEEE standard since December, 2017.  The draft standard became official on May 11.  After the final editing, the standard document has become available since August 24 as IEEE 2050-2018 IEEE Standard for a Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) for Small-Scale Embedded Systems.

A press release was issued by IEEE and IEEE Standards Association on September 6.

We acknowledge the contribution of many developers and many users to this standard since the days of the initial version of ITRON specification in the 1980's.

We would like to thank the parties concerned and appreciate their continuing support of TRON Project.

IEEE Press Release:

Quote of a passage from the above press release:

Dr. Ken Sakamura, chair of TRON Forum, stated "I am very happy to see the RTOS standard, which has been polished ever since the 1980s when it was first created, is now adopted as IEEE standard. The OS based on the specification has been used globally in many consumer electronics and other products and is the best fit for lightweight IoT edge nodes.”

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