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Call for use cases of T-Kernel and ITRON specification OS

TRON Forum solicits you to provide information on your products and services that use T-Kernel and/or ITRON Specification OS. If you are interested in contributing such information, please fill out a form and send it to us as an email attachment. T-Kernel and ITRON have been used for applications in many fields such as aerospace, industrial devices, car navigation systems, multi-function printers, electronic musical instruments and digital cameras. The gathered information will be introduced through the TRON Forum website at, the e-mail magazine, “TRONWARE” which is a technical information magazine on TRON Project in speeches given by Chair Sakamura, and in events organized, sponsored or cosponsored by TRON Forum, etc.

If you are interested in contributing such information, could you please fill out the form and send it to us as an email attachment?

Use cases

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(E.g.: For consumer products, product type such as digital camera, network router, multifunction printer, mobile phone, musical instrument, network router, Wi-Fi unit, wireless communication in general, car navigation system, vehicle drive recorder, etc. If the product is not a consumer-oriented one, and used as embedded component in a larger unit or a system, etc., specify its function (such as digital signal processor, software radio control, fuel injection control, entrance/exit control unit, etc.), and major application field, if possible, consumer electronics, factory automation, office equipment, networking, avionics, aerospace, automobile, public transportation, etc.)

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