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About Forum E-mail Magazine

TRON Forum issues e-mail news, Forum E-mail Magazine, on the activities of the forum and its members.

This is useful for those who are too busy to check our website regularly, and those who feel using RSS is too much of a bother.

TRON Forum sends out e-mail news once a month, and special news on timely topics only as needed.

So the news feed does not clutter up your in-box with too many e-mails.

Subscription is easy: you just input your e-mail address. The news from TRON Forum will be sent to you.

How to Subscribe

  1. Please input your e-mail address where you will receive the news.
  2. Press [Subscribe] button. This finishes the first phase of subscription.
  3. A confirmation e-mail is sent to the address.
  4. Please click the URL listed in the confirmation e-mail.
    This completes the subscription procedure.

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