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T-Kernel is the real-time OS at the heart of T-Engine.
A real-time OS appropriate for individual application can be created by combining the middleware called T-Kernel Extension with the TKernel itself.
To make it easy to distribute middleware, T-Kernel has separate specification for subsystem and device driver which will be suitable for different types of middleware APIs.


T-Kernel consists of the following three components from the viewpoint of functionality. 

  • T-Kernel/OS (Operating System)
    This offers the basic functions as real-time OS, and is equivalent to the existing functions defined μITRON specification.
  • T-Kernel/SM (System Manager)
    This offers the functions including system memory management function and address space management function in order to manage middleware such as device drivers and subsystems.  
  • T-Kernel/DS (Debugger Support)
    This offers the functions for debuggers to be used in development tools.

T-Monitor initializes hardware and handles the interrupt set up at the beginning.
T-Monitor lessens hardware-dependency of T-Kernel, and improves the application portability.

Supported CPU list

T-Kernel Specification and Source Code

The following specifications and source codes are released on the TRON Forum website.

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