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Availability of the latest version of μT-Kernel 3.0 and Board Support Packages (BSPs) for commercial off-the-shelf CPU boards on GitHub

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TRON Forum has released the latest official version (3.00.06) of µT-Kernel 3.0 on GitHub since October 17, 2022.

The specification of µT-Kernel 3.0 is fully upward compatible with “IEEE 2050-2018,” the international standard of OS specification for IoT edge nodes. In this version upgrade, more CPU cores such as RX65N and STM32H7 are supported, and device drivers have been added.

In addition, Board Support Packages (BSPs) for commercial off-the-shelf CPU boards have been released. The BSP allows developers to use μT-Kernel 3.0 on a supported microprocessor board immediately after purchase.

The current CPUs and target boards are as follows.: STM32L476 (Nucleo-64), STM32H723 (Nucleo-144), RX65N (Renesas Target Board and Starter Kit+), and RP2040 (Raspberry Pi Pico).

A BSP for a CPU board includes μT-Kernel 3.0 in which basic device drivers for the target board are already installed, and it also comes with the project file(s) for the particular development environment of the target.

See the following URLs for more details.

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