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T-Engine Forum will change its name to “TRON Forum”

T-Engine Forum will change its name to “TRON Forum”

— Promoting “Open data” and “Open API” as well as “Embedded systems” and “Ubiquitous computing (the IoT)” in a proactive manner

T-Engine Forum, an organization that standardizes and promotes the ubiquitous computing infrastructure technology (Location: Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan Chair: Ken Sakamura, Professor of the University of Tokyo) will change its name to “TRON Forum” effective on April 1, 2015. The name of the forum has been changed because the initial goal of T-Engine Forum has been achieved by developing T-Engine board as standardized development environment. And it can show clearly that the forum is the nucleus of the project by being named after “TRON” which is well known worldwide as a project name.

TRON Project was started in 1984 by Ken Sakamura, TRON Project Leader. For its over 30 years of history, the activity of the project has been supported by the initial informal TRON association established in 1986, then by TRON Association which was legally incorporated in 1988 and took over the activity, and was integrated into
T-Engine Forum in 2010, and also by T-Engine Forum established in 2002.

T-Engine Forum has designed T-Engine board specification, released the source code and specification of embedded real-time OS (RTOS) ”T-Kernel family,” to the world for free of charge, maintained ITRON specification, and held the seminars on RTOS since its inception. These activities resulted that TRON RTOS family has over about 60% share in the high-end embedded device market in Japan.

TRON Forum will develop and disseminate embedded systems development environment, OS, etc., operate Ubiquitous ID Center and allocate ucode to realize the environment of “ubiquitous computing,” the pioneering concept of the IoT (Internet of Things) and M2M ((Machine to Machine). The forum will also contribute to and disseminate ”open data” which allows anyone to use the data owned by the government

and public institutions, and aggressively work on “open API” where API of devices created using TRON RTOS family and other RTOS, is to be published by device manufacturers, for the better control of such devices in the IoT environment.

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