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"2O15 TRON Symposium" Paper Sessions (Technical co-sponsor: IEEE Consumer Electronics Society)

Date: 2015/12/10 10:15 - 12:30

FULL Paper Session
  • "A Real-Time hypervisor for embedded systems with hardware virtualization support"
    Takumi Shimada (The University of Tokyo) , et al.
  • "A Real-time Health Monitoring and Warning System"
    Ittipong Khemapech (University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce)
  • "Overcoming Invasion of Privacy in Smart Home Environment with Synthetic Packet Injection"
    Wei Dai (University of Arkansas at Little Rock, USA), et. al.
SHORT Paper Session
  • "Design Framework for the Internet of Things with an Application in Dynamic Healthcare"
    Andi Sudjana Putra (National University of Singapore), et. al.
  • "EPDL: A Context-based Energy Management Policy Description Language for IoT-enabled Smart Buildings"
    Xiaohui Peng (The University of Tokyo), et. al.
  • "Home Safety Management System for Household Resident with IoT"
    Seonki Jeon (Chung-Ang University, Korea), et. al.

† The entire sessions including the presentations and Q&A are conducted in English.

2O15 TRON Symposium

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