TRON Forum

TRON Forum has established new working groups and new member categories for the IoT technology standardization and open data technology. A call for new membership applications has been issued.

TRON Forum has established IoT Working Group (IoT WG) to promote the standardization of the IoT-related technologies and their dissemination.
This WG consists of the following members: eSOL Co., Ltd., FUJITSU LIMITED, Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd., NEC Corporation, Personal Media Corporation, PFU LIMITED, SATO CORPORATION, Socionext Inc., Spansion, TOSHIBA MICROELECTRONICS CORPORATION, Ubiquitous Computing Technology Corporation and YRP Ubiquitous Networking Laboratory.
Also, i-member category has been created for corporations which promote the IoT actively.

On another front, Open Data Working Group (ODWG) has been established to promote dissemination and development of technologies related to open data.
O-member category has also been created for corporations which would like to participate in ODWG.
TRON Forum has started to accept the applications for i- and O-members.

These two WGs aim to establish standard platform of the IoT and open data, and the technical standard of the system which realizes the required security by the end of September 2016, and to promote them to the industry sectors.

For the admission guide of TRON Forum, please see the following website.


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