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Thank you to those who came to the "2022 TRON Symposium ― TRONSHOW ― Next Generation Infrastructure"

2022 TRON Symposium (TRONSHOW) was held with "Next Generation Infrastructure" as its theme at Tokyo Midtown Hall (Roppongi, Tokyo) from Wednesday, December 7 to Friday, December 9 with the technological co-sponsorship of IEEE Consumer Technology Society.

Once again, we held a hybrid of real event in Tokyo Midtown and online event.

Many presentation sessions were held over the three days including the keynote on the first day, "Next Generation Infrastructure, ― 2022 TRON Project and the Future Outlook," by TRON Project leader, Ken Sakamura, Dean of Information Networking for Innovation And Design (INIAD), Toyo University.

In the real venue, visitors could see or attend the displays related to IoT-Engine, embedded systems OS such as T-Kernel and ITRON Specification OS, displays and sessions related to IOWN, all-photonics network technology to build the next generation infrastructure which was the theme of the last year’s symposium, products and services that use uID and open data, and the session for "Smart Logistics Open Data Challenge by Daiwa House Industry" that uses open data.

2022 TRON Symposium -- TRONSHOW

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