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Releasing the official µT-Kernel 3.00.01 at GitHub

TRON Forum has officially released the latest version of µT-Kernel 3.0 (v3.00.01) at GitHub on May 29 Friday, 2020. v3.00.01 has been pre-released as beta on GitHub since March 2020, and has now been merged to the official version.

The following changes have been made since v3.00.00.

  • IoT-Engine with RX231 microcomputer (Renesas Electronics) is now supported as the porting target hardware.
  • Improvement and fix to the implementation for ARM Cotex-M3 microcomputer and to the common part.
  • A build procedure that uses make has been added. (A sample makefile has been added.).

The set of source files and associated documents is available via the following URL at GitHub.


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