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Call for Review by Readers

TRON Forum (TEF) has been editing, publishing and making available many technical documents including specifications thanks to the cooperation of Working Group members who have written drafts, and additionally volunteer reviewers who proof read such drafts together with the original authors into the final documents.

To be frank, it is next to impossible to remove editorial errors (typos and such) in a limited time from the large volume of documents TEF publishes on the web, and occasionally technical documents with such minor errors get published.

I would like to call for the cooperation of readers to polish and improve the quality of documents made available under the motto of Open Architecture by TEF. Your pointing out the inaccuracies or typos in the documents would be greatly appreciated.

Please let us know if the description is unclear, or outright incorrect. Also, for the translated documents, please let us know similar problems and the obvious or subtle discrepancies between the Japanese version and the translated version.
We would like to hear about anything suspicious from the editing point of view.

If readers, who have noticed such issues, can send us an e-mail containing the document title, page number, and the issues to the following address, we would appreciate it very much.

Special functions such as PDF are not intentionally used for our material. However, the material may not be shown properly depending on OSs and viewer applications. In such a case, please let us know the type and version of the OS and viewer application you use. We will use the information for our future pre-release check.

I put the title, "Call for Review by Readers" to this short writeup because eventually I would like to solicit larger editorial input from readers such as the suggestion of reordering of paragraphs for clearer presentation rather than simple correction of typos. Of course, readers with such long suggestions are encouraged to contact the WGs which have been publishing the documents in question, and participate in it if possible.

In order to design open architecture and make it available to the public together, if the readers can start to help TEF’s activity by spending a moment to report a minor typo, for example, I would be very delighted and thank you in place for all the TEF members.

Ken Sakamura, Chair of TRON Forum


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