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Regarding the Format of T-Kernel 2.0 Specification

TRON Forum releases the specification of T-Kernel 2.0 in different formats.
Even though the document is in different formats, the content of the specification is all the same. Please choose the format that best suits your needs.

  1. XML Version (DocBook Format)
    This is the original format for T-Kernel 2.0 Specification. The other formats are created by automatically converting the XML version.
    *DocBook needs to be converted to a readable format.
  2. PDF Version
    The PDF version is created by converting the XML version.
    TRON Forum conducts the IPR process for TRON Forum members using this format.
  3. HTML Version
    The HTML version is created by converting the XML version.
    This version is released so that T-Kernel 2.0 users can easily refer to T-Kernel 2.0 Specification online.
  4. Other
    There are other formats donated by TRON Forum members and others.
    TRON Forum does not perform any conversion to these formats and release the document without any change.
    Please note that there may be cases where updates or improvements will not be reflected soon to these donated versions for this reason.

* Call for Review by Readers (Ken Sakamura, Chair of TRON Forum)


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