T-Kernel Overview

Position of T-Kernel

The position of T-Kernel in the overall T-Engine system is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Positioning for T-Kernel

T-Kernel generally refers to all of T-Kernel Operating System (T-Kernel/OS), T-Kernel System Manager (T-Kernel/SM), and T-Kernel Debugger Support (T-Kernel/DS); but in some cases T-Kernel/OS only (narrow definition) is called T-Kernel.

T-Kernel/OS provides the following functions:

T-Kernel/SM provides the following kinds of functions:

T-Kernel/DS provides the following kinds of functions exclusively for debugging use:

NoteDifference from T-Kernel 1.0

Memory cache control functions, physical timer functions, and utility functions are functions that were added in T-Kernel 2.0.