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T-Kernel 2.0 Extension(T2EX)

T-Kernel 2.0 Extension (T2EX) 



T-Kernel 2.0 Extension (T2EX) is an extension to add network and file system to T-Kernel 2.0.
While maintaining the lightweight feature of T-Kernel 2.0, it adds middleware to meet the requirements of the latest embedded systems such as file system support and network communication.
T2EX has a set of APIs that be called directly from tasks of T-Kernel, and thus can eliminate the overhead of using "process" and maintain the "real-time performance" and "compactness."
Moreover, T2EX has the library compatible with standard C compatible library, and its API specification has been designed with compatibility and the affinity with POSIX in mind. So the porting of general C programs is easy and the development efficiency improves, too.

■Available Features of T2EX

T2EX is used as an Extension of T-Kernel 2.0.

A compact embedded device can be efficiently developed by combining the needed features among the following that T2EX offers and building the system.

The Main Features of T2EX

■Example of Programming Using T2EX

API of T2EX can be called directly from "task" of T-Kernel, and a fast real-time response is realized.

T2EX Release Note
T2EX Release Note
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T-Kernel 2.0 Extension (T2EX 2.00.00)
T-Kernel 2.0 Extension (T2EX 2.00.00)

T-Kernel 2.0 Extension (T2EX 2.01.00)
T-Kernel 2.0 Extension (T2EX 2.01.00)