Reference Code

Since the optimization and customization is very important on small scale embedded systems, μT-Kernel 2.0 does not aim at the uniqueness of source code unlike T-Kernel 2.0. Instead it offers reference code, a source code that can be referenced as a sample implementation.

Reference code is an example of an implementation of μT-Kernel 2.0, and is distributed by T-Engine Forum. A major difference with T-Kernel 2.0 is that this reference code is not the only implementation of μT-Kernel 2.0, and it is free for any OS implementer to modify this reference code, or implement it from scratch. However, only those that behave exactly as the reference code is officially recognized as μT-Kernel 2.0 specification OS.

The reference code has been provided to specify behaviors which are difficult to describe in the specification, and the introduction of the reference code has made it possible to assure and check the uniform behavior across different implementations that are optimized and customized to target systems.