Implementation Specification Document

With the introduction of service profile and the permission of "simple dummy implementation", not all the implementations of μT-Kernel 2.0 provide all the features in the specification completely.

Hence, to let the user verify the implementation-dependent details of a particular implementation of μT-Kernel 2.0, and avoid spending time to understand unexpected behavior, all μT-Kernel 2.0 implementations shall produce an implementation specification document. The implementation specification document shall describe the following at least.

Version number of μT-Kernel 2.0 specification

Clearly specify the major and minor version numbers of μ T-Kernel 2.0.

Information about the Service Profile

Explicitly specify the values of all the service profile items.

Information on functions implemented using Simple dummy implementation

Specify explicitly how the features are realized using the "simple dummy implementation", and what are the resulting behavior of such implementations.